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Hen Party at Elements Boutique Spa

So, you need to plan a hen party...
Gone are the days where sipping cocktails through a penis straw, whilst wearing "L" plate head boppers and pacing the sticky floors of the local nightclub are your only option to give your bestie a memorable send-off into married life. Brides are now looking for tasteful and classy alternatives to spend time with their ‘hens' and prepare for the big day.  Where did the concept begin anyway? Surprisingly, pre-wedding celebrations are not a new concept and there are suggestions that the male celebrations date back to ancient Greece, where a large feast would be held to toast the groom before the wedding day. The term hen-do can be dated back to around the 1800s where it was used to describe a group of women gathering together, however, there was no association to the pre-wedding context at that time so that must have developed much later.

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