6 Steps to re-create a Spa-Quality Facial

Visiting a spa to indulge in a luxury facial can do wonders for your skin and your mental well-being too. But ladies and gents, don’t you feel that you deserve the heavenly experience more often than just at the spa?

Our simple steps advise you how to re-create that spa-quality facial in the comfort of your own home. Don your dressing gown, pour yourself a glass of chilled lemon water (or Prosecco, you're at home after all!), light a scented candle and prepare to get your glow on.

Remove make-up

Be gentle and thorough. Use a specific eye make up remover to avoid having to heavily rub your eye area. To cleanse the skin and remove make-up, Elements Boutique Spa loves to use the Hydrating Renewing Rose Cleanser which is infused with an essential oil blend of radiance-boosting finest Damask Rose and complexion-balancing Geranium to brighten and hydrate. This cleanser will effortlessly melt away impurities and make-up and leave the skin dewy, freshened and soft.


Prepare your skin by moving an exfoliating product in small circular motions over your face to remove dead skin cells. Do not rub too hard or you will damage your skin. Aromatherapy Associates’ Mattifying Purifying Facial Scrub will draw out and eliminate dead skin-clogging cells and is perfect for oily or combination skin types. Rinse with clean, warm water. Exfoliating the skin will remove stubborn congestion and refine the pores leaving your skin looking fresh.


You can re-create the effect of a professional steam skin cleaner by running a washcloth under warm water and resting it on your face. When you let the cloth sit on your skin for a few minutes you will open your pores and allow them to be properly cleaned.


Apply a mask appropriate for your skin type. Clay masks are designed to cleanse the pores and remove impurities and a hydrating mask will penetrate the skin once the debris has been removed during the previous steps. Elements Boutique Spa recommend investing in the Inner Strength Soothing Repair Mask by Aromatherapy Associates, for real results. Soy derived humectants lock moisture back into plump and hydrate as Chamomile essential oil eases away redness. This is a great all-rounder as it is dermatologically tested to suit sensitive skin types. Take time to listen to some relaxing music whilst the mask
works its magic on your skin and remove after the required time using the steam washcloth method.


Seal the effects of the mask with a moisturiser. The Inner Strength Recovery Moisturiser will build your skin’s natural defence barrier and will leave skin feeling restored and renewed. Aromatherapy Associates offer a range of face oils that will help take your skincare to the next level. Each one contains the optimal level of pure essential oils for facial skin care. If you are concerned about ageing, look for a facial oil containing antioxidants such as Vitamin A and Vitamin E, or if you are concerned about dry skin conditions or sensitive skin find a product containing Omega-3 oils such as Rosehip, Hemp and Grapeseed. Using a moisturiser will help replenish the natural moisture in the upper layers of the skin and will help to boost the barrier function of the skin. Take time to massage your moisturising product into your skin for relaxation. Make sure you use upward circular motions and avoid pulling or dragging your skin down.


The real key to re-creating a truly spa-quality facial is to invest in spa-quality products. All the Aromatherapy Associated products used at Elements Boutique Spa are available to purchase and take home. If you aren’t sure what products will benefit your skin the most, your therapist will make recommendations based on your skins' unique requirements.

Now all that is left to do is pour another glass of Prosecco and relax. 

Elements Boutique Spa is an award-winning, luxury spa set amongst the Somerset Levels in Somerset. To book a spa day, massage, facial, or any of our treatments, please get in touch. Email spa@windmillretreat.co.uk or call 01823 698951.

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